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Tammisaari, Finland

Outdoor gym
500 sq m
August 2020
Equipment set
OG10, OG30, OGF41, OG23, OG24, OG70, OG20/81/90


There has been demand and interest in the Raasepori municipality area, and specifically around the town of Ekenäs (Tammisaari), for various types of sports venues and activities. After thorough studies, a decision was made to upgrade the Kipparinpuisto playground, located in the center of Ekenäs, to a sports park that caters to the public at large.

Outdoor fitness area, Tammisaari

“The starting point for the sports park was that it should cater to as large a user group as possible. The park was planned in a cross-sectoral fashion, involving close collaboration between the town’s sports services, elderly care, youth services and technical services. An important partner throughout the project was the Ekenäs branch of the NGO Folkhälsan. The new sports park, one of the largest in Finland, has attracted a high number of visitors ever since it was opened in August. The town’s own physical education instructor has been on site to demonstrate how to exercise on the equipment, even up to four times a week. There have been visitors aplenty in each instruction session. Entire school classes have also visited the park for some exercise, pretty much on a daily basis. All in all, the feedback has been positive, and the visitors have praised the equipment and the diversity of the sports park.”

Joacim MäkeläProject Manager, City of Raasepori