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065 Omnigym 6-2023 HIGH RES

Reach the sky with Chinup bar


Chinups build muscle and strength in the upper back and biceps, as well as stabilizing strength in the core and shoulders. This makes it an excellent exercise for creating power and strength in your body. Additionally, you'll find that this exercise will also require you to use your core and arms.​

The Chinup bar can be ordered with two or three bars.



Product code OGCU2, OGCU3
Length 221 mm

Width 2160 / 3320 mm
Height 1220 / 1720 / 2320 mm
Equipment weight OGCU2 69,7 kg, 
OGCU3 86,7 kg

Country of manufacture Finland
Metal parts steel
Coating solution Zink and powder coating
Use and movement areas 15,7m


- Fast and easy to install
- Easily endorsable
- No need for a special foundation,
if ground level is straight
- Max. deviation is 2 mm / 1000 mm.
- Anti-slip


Spain outdoor gym

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