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complete core workout


Work your chest, arms, legs and core with a multifunctional machine.

The three-in-one machine combines Dip, Leg raise and Chin-up, providing workout for chest, triceps, biceps, back, shoulders, abs, thighs and quadriceps.

Omnigym outdoor gym equipment is proudly made in Finland, easy to use, and built to last, making them a risk-free choice. All units are ergonomically designed for optimal training results and user safety, and they all meet the EN16630 standard for permanently installed outdoor equipment.

Leg Raise:

Strengthen abs for stability and performance

The structure of the leg raise machine is compact and provides a great variation of leg lift sets. From vertical lifts to knee twists, this machine combines many abs exercises in one device. From the rectus abdominis to hip flexors, with this machine, you can strengthen your entire core.

Muscle groups: abdominals and hip flexors

Dip Bars:

Improve upper body and bone strength

Dips help build upper body strength across the chest, shoulders, and upper arms while engaging and maintaining the core. Because your body weight is off the ground, dips are a great workout for the whole body. They can also improve sports performance that requires arm movement and upper body strength, such as tennis, swimming, volleyball, and basketball.

Muscle groups: chest and triceps


Improve your posture and strength

Chin-up is a unique exercise that trains a wide range of muscles in the upper body. Chin-ups emphasize the development of strength and muscle across the entire upper body, support overall posture, and help general shoulder and upper back mobility.

Muscle groups: back and biceps

OG95 leg raise, dip, chin-up equipment
Multiple colors available



How to use the equipment?

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