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014 Omnigym 6-2020 pieni

Hietaniemi beach, Helsinki, Finland

Outdoor gym
126 sq m
May 2020
Equipment set
OG10 x2, OG12, OG14, OG22, OG23, OG24, OG26, OG30 x2, OG31, OG41, OG70, OG72, OG80, OG82, OG85, OG91, OG92, OG20/81/90, Big Rig FTR- 030800W


Hietaniemi beach has traditionally had a small area where visitors can do a few basic strength exercises with barbells and weights. There was a request for equipment without free weights to be introduced in the area based on safety considerations. The equipment needed to be simple to use and easy to learn for users of different ages and fitness levels.

The equipment also needed to be versatile, enable basic strength exercises, give a good workout to the major muscle groups of the body, and feature an easy-to-use adjustable load. The aim was to reform the outdoor fitness area so that the user base was broadened from a small, marginal group to include many city residents of different ages and levels of physical activity.

013 Omnigym 6-2020 LOW RES
007 Omnigym 6-2020 LOW RES
012 Omnigym 6-2020 LOW RES
002 Omnigym 6-2020 LOW RES

“The outdoor gym on Hietaniemi beach is a versatile sports facility, and it has been in active use since its opening. Helsinki city residents have really taken to the gym, and the equipment is used for exercise by people of all ages and fitness levels. Using sensors installed on the equipment, we continuously collect data, including how much each device is used and at what times. From this data, we know that the equipment is being very frequently used, that the most popular training days are Tuesday and Wednesday, and that the outdoor gym on Hietaniemi beach is the most popular of the sites studied.”

Petri AngelvuoManager, Local Sports Unit, Recreation Services, City of Helsinki


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