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Omnigym outdoor gym

Aim high with Plyo box


Exercising with a jump box will work your glutes, hamstrings, quads, abductors, adductors, and calves in one swift motion. This makes it an excellent exercise for creating power and strength in your lower body. Additionally, you'll find that this exercise will also require you to use your core and your arms.​

Omigym has five different sized jumping boxes.


Product code OGPB300, OGPB450, OGPB600, OGPB750, OGPB100
Length 755 mm

Width 750 mm
Height 300-1000 mm
Country of manufactured in Finland
Metal parts steel
Coating solution Zink and powder coating
Use and movement areas 12,2m


- Fast and easy to install
- Easily endorsable
- No need for a special foundation,
if ground level is straight
- Max. deviation is 2 mm / 1000 mm.
- Anti-slip


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