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Tingbjerg Copenhagen, Denmark

Outdoor gym
5 equipment gym
Autumn 2022
Equipment set
OG10OG23, OG30, OG41, OGC7

The Tingbjerg area in Denmark was struggling with issues such as a lack of activities for the youth, which led to boredom and frustration. The area had a reputation for crime and gang activity, and it was not uncommon to see groups of young people loitering around with nothing to do. However, Copenhagen invested in the amenity of the area, e.g. by installing a new outdoor gym, which has transformed the community and provided a positive outlet for the youth. 


In recent years, the Tingbjerg area has been plagued by issues such as unemployment, poverty, and crime. Many young people in the area lacked positive activities and role models, which led to increased delinquency and gang activity. This had a negative impact on the community, as well as the wider city of Copenhagen.

In 2022, the Tingbjerg area invested in a new outdoor gym, which has had a significant impact on the community. The gym provides free exercise equipment, such as Squat equipment, Bench press equipment, and a Core rack, and is open to all members of the community. The gym has become a popular spot for young people in the area, who use it as a place to work out and socialize with their peers.

The new outdoor gym has had a transformative effect on the Tingbjerg area. It has provided a positive outlet for the youth, who are now able to focus their energy on healthy activities instead of engaging in negative behaviors. The gym has also helped to clean up the area, as young people are no longer hanging around with nothing to do. This has had a positive impact on the wider community, as there has been a decrease in crime and anti-social behavior.

The new outdoor gym in the Tingbjerg area has been a resounding success. It has revitalized the community by providing a positive outlet for the youth and cleaning up the area. The gym has helped to reduce crime and anti-social behavior, and has provided a space for the community to come together and improve their health and wellbeing. Overall, the gym has been a great investment for the community and has had a lasting impact on the Tingbjerg area.


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