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Ruissalo, Turku, Finland

Outdoor gym

Area: 126 sq m / Opened: Sep 2020 / Equipment set: OG10, OG23, OG30, OG20/81/90, Street Workout

4.44/5 Overall score for equipment
47% Of the respondents an outdoor gym session added to gym sessions
98% of the respondents wanted more omnigym outdoor gyms in the area where they live
17% Respondents were older than 55 years

User survey, Turku, Helsinki, 07/2020, N=52, Omnigym Oy


"The Ruissalo sports site, which was completed in the spring of 2020, is a special project by Finnish standards, as Ruissalo is a green nature reserve loved by the residents of the city of Turku and a Natura 2000 protected area. The sports site was implemented in co-operation with the City of Turku sports services and the environmental administration, taking into account the diversity of local nature both in the construction phase and the final result. A set of equipment was chosen for the sports site that offers a wide range of options and caters to fit sports enthusiasts and Sunday strollers. The colours of the equipment at the sports site harmonize nicely with the magnificent natural surroundings, and the result is subdued and attractive."

- Christina Torro, Area Sales Manager, Puuha Group

Ruissalon lähiliikuntapaikka 2020_1

“The Ruissalo outdoor gym has been frequently used since its introduction. According to a user survey conducted together with the equipment manufacturer in the summer of 2020, visiting the outdoor gym increased the number of gym sessions for almost half of the respondents. Another great finding was that more than 40% of the respondents visited the outdoor gym regularly, even several times a week.”

Timo KoljonenSports Facility Manager, City of Turku


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