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Omnigym outdoor fitness park


Are you interested in providing an outdoor fitness area and would like to know more before making any decisions? We are here to help you. 
What to consider when

Designing an outdoor fitness area

When planning an outdoor gym there are a few things to consider, for example, what is the budget and how many equipments the site should have, who are the users, and what kind of material should the surface be. Our Omnigym experts will help you with the details. 

  • Users
  • Budget
  • Location and surroundings
  • Surface
  • Local regulations
Utilize our

Deeper knowledge

Our experts are happy to help you through the way from the idea of an outdoor fitness area to the most popular outdoor fitness gym in town. We will help you e.g. count the total costs of the investment, forecast the usage and maintenance needs, and provide insight on how to build the best user experience.

Outdoor fitness area at a beach
Are you an architect or a designer? We have a whole page for you, with:


Whether you are an experienced outdoor fitness area designer or a head of the recreation at municipal and curious to see what equipment manufacturer have to offer, we have gathered downloadable materials to support your investment decision. 

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